Q&A with 1L Student annie Birdsong

Annie Birdsong

Between transitioning into law school, keeping up with the reading assignments, and preparing for oral arguments for the first time, there is little question that first year students have a lengthy “to-do” list. We sat down to chat with 1L Annie Birdsong about her first-year experience, her interests in environmental law, and her summer plans.

How did you choose A&M Law and why the EENRSL Program?

Texas A&M University Law has several perks that drove my decision to attend, but I was particularly intrigued by the Energy, Environmental and Natural Resources Systems Law Program. In fact, I had reached out to Professor Eckstein over a year before I even applied to law school. I have a background in biology so I was already drawn to environmental law and speaking with Professor Eckstein about the program further solidified my interest in TAMU Law.

How has your experience been in your first year?

The faculty and administration have been so helpful and personable. I wasn’t expecting the amount of involvement they give. Classes are a bit crazy especially since I am a non-traditional student.  I had to learn how to study again, but different programs offered at A&M have helped me transition back into school.

Do you have a summer internship lined up yet? If so, who are you interning with?

I do! I won a raffle organized by the EENRSLP and ended up winning a networking lunch with a local attorney. I was able to choose from five lawyers and I chose the general counsel for the Trinity River Authority. As I mentioned earlier, I have a background in biology, so I was eager to check out the water treatment plant after getting lunch with the general counsel.  My interest in the work done at the TRA and this opportunity resulted in my summer internship.

How did you win a networking lunch with an attorney?

During my first semester, I attended as many of the EENRSLP’s Speaker Series lectures as I could.  Each attendance to a lecture was a raffle entry to win a networking lunch with an environmental or energy lawyer in the DFW area.  That was how I ended up winning lunch with an attorney. That was not even a driving factor for my attendance, so I was shocked when I won!

What are you most looking forward to with your summer internship?

I am working with Howard Slobodin, who also is an adjunct professor here, and I am so excited to absorb as much as I can. I am also excited to learn how to tie my previous career and science background into a legal profession. When I first met Howard, I was relieved that I finally felt like I was at home and that environmental law was definitely something I can do.

Is there anything else you would like to share about law school, the EENRSLP, or A&M?

Yes! I am thrilled and grateful to be a part of the EENRSLP, and it has proven to be even better than I expected. If you are in Texas (or not!) and interested in environmental law, I highly recommend Texas A&M Law!