Steffani FausoneSteffani Fausone (3L) was recently published in the Chicago-Kent Journal of Environmental and Energy Law. In her article titled, “Senate Bill 1383 Stinks: California’s Attempt to Regulate Dairy Cattle Methane Emissions” (see here), Fausone discusses recent California legislation aiming to reduce methane emissions from dairy production facilities. The Comment argues that the bill hurts the dairy industry more than it helps combat climate changes, and also proposes possible alternatives involving the regulation of dairy-related methane emissions while enabling the California dairy industry to stay afloat. For example, she suggests implementing an incentive-based system or utilizing a cap-and-trade system to address dairy-related methane admission. When asked about the advice she would give students seeking to publish their work, Fausone said, “I’d say work with a professor who believes in you and your writing. Without the advice and encouragement from Professor Casado Perez I would have never even considered submitting my article for publication.”

Katlyn HumbargerKatlyn Humbarger (3L) was selected as a finalist in the Center for American and International Law Institute for Energy Law’s 2020 Hartrick Scholar Writing Competition. Her paper titled, “Drilling to the ‘Maximum Extent Permitted by Law:’ The Complex Law, Regulation, and Judicial Interpretation Governing Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration and Production,” evaluates Executive Order 13795, issued by the Trump administration to “encourage energy exploration and production . . . in order to maintain the Nation’s position as a global energy leader.” Humbarger argues for developing a more harmonious regulatory regime for offshore development that ideally would result in more meaningful environmental impact assessment and collaboration between the states and federal government.